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adc视频在线观看Hyper Island designs transformative learning experiences to enable growth for individuals and for businesses. Unlike typical education or service providers, we follow a tried-and-tested methodology and a wide network of real industry experts. Through our global network of schools and business services, we put people at the heart of innovation, leadership and change for success today and tomorrow.


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What we do

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Hyper Island works with individuals and organizations to enable personal and professional growth. Unlike typical education or service providers, we design transformative learning experiences using real industry experts to respond directly to both current needs and possible future challenges of an evolving marketplace. We equip our students and participants with an open mind and relevant skills and they will actually use.

  • Our school is the heart of Hyper Island

    We immerse future talents and industry professionals in transformative learning experiences to help them to adapt to rapidly changing times. We offer full-time programs and master’s degrees, online and on-site courses, in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • Courses to suit your needs

    adc视频在线观看We host both on-site and interactive online courses where participants experience how to anticipate and adapt today to the changes of tomorrow.

  • Business solutions that get results

    We partner with companies all over the world to create dynamic and innovative cultures that accelerate long-term change and future-proof their organizations. Check out our client list here.

Hyper Island Karlskrona

The old military prison in Karlskrona, Sweden, where Hyper Island first started.


What is Hyper Island?

When multimedia pioneers Jonathan Briggs, David Erixon and Lars Lundh met to work on a CD-ROM project, little did they know that they were at the beginning of a journey of lifelong learning that would impact tens of thousands of careers and businesses over more than twenty years.

adc视频在线观看The year was 1996 and, as they got to know each other better, they discovered that they had something in common: not one of them had enjoyed learning as kids. They were frustrated about the linear and fixed way of teaching in a constantly changing world that is far more complex than what the traditional schools seemed to teach.

They put together an alternative way of learning, with experience of learning by doing at its core, and bought a disused prison in Karlskrona, Sweden. The word ‘hyper’ comes from the ancient greek ὑπέρ and means over/above. Just as it is used in coding today (it’s the ‘h’ in http), the word references digitization and navigation through a non-linear world. The ‘island’ is Stumholmen, the small piece of land to the east of Trossö in Karlskrona, where the prison stands. Formerly the property of the Swedish Navy, today it houses our school as well as one of Sweden’s oldest naval museums and several other historic buildings.

Hyper Island would be an experiment for young people to learn about life and science. Where students would learn to make what seems impossible possible. Where they would learn to always explore how the latest science and technology could be an enabler for innovation and progress in the world. Here students would be encouraged to question the status quo and empowered to follow their dreams.

There would be no right or wrong at this school, no teachers and no homework. Instead, students would be involved in real projects where they would learn by doing to solve problems that matter. They would be inspired to focus on team collaboration instead of individual effort, and get the skills to work effectively and innovative together. The founders had a strong belief that everyone had the potential to grow, and introduced new ways of thinking and learning for students to develop themselves into lifelong learners and lead the change.

adc视频在线观看Today, Hyper Island has a global presence and is renowned in the industry for its progressive methodology and its lively community of young talents, forward-thinking thought leaders, and experts coming from all corners of the globe. Our purpose remains true and we still want to change the world by impacting many people with useful skills, tools, and drive to thrive in the digital world. Our vision is a world of lifelong learners.


adc视频在线观看Jonathan Briggs

Co-founder and Academic Director, Hyper Island

David Erixon

Business Consultant


Our guiding principles

Learn for Life

adc视频在线观看At Hyper Island, learning isn’t confined to a classroom or even a course. To us, learning is a way of life. Learning means being constantly engaged, passionate, trusting and curious about the changing world – and by doing.

Real World Ready

We collaborate with thought leaders and experts to anticipate industry needs in a world where innovation drives disruption. We may not be able predict the future, but we can support individuals and companies to be ready when it comes.

Lead the Change

adc视频在线观看We are active participants in the great tides of transformative technology. Tomorrow’s leaders will be those who embrace change, adapt swiftly to new paradigms and lead by action. We seek to inspire, equip, and support these new leaders.

Seize your Potential

Hyper Island empowers passionate participation by challenging people to set ambitious goals and giving them authority over their own learning, and power to realize their own potential.

Team is Everything

adc视频在线观看Collaboration, inclusion and transparency are crucial to growth. Through constant feedback and deep reflection, individuals gain deeper self-awareness, enabling them to become more effective team members and leaders.

Change the World

We haven’t met a status quo we didn’t challenge. Together we can change the world by igniting a passion for lifelong learning.

Students at Hyper Island in Stockholm pitching an idea to their industry leader.

adc视频在线观看Students at Hyper Island in Stockholm pitching an idea to their industry leader.


New ways of thinking and learning

Hyper Island courses and training are designed to challenge participants to grow personally and professionally by using methodology that focuses on the why as much as the how and the what – on team collaboration rather than individual effort. We introduce new ways of thinking and new ways of learning that help participants become lifelong learners.


Who's who at Hyper Island

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