Cutting Through The Noise

Content is a wonderful thing - offering comfort, entertainment, provocation and inspiration to action. And while this is true, there’s also an abundance of it, coming at you like a fire house. Here’s a few resources to help you cut through the noise of the moment and power you and your leadership - either of your self or others - in this challenging time. 

Get a sneak peek of our Digital Strategy Course Online

Meet Johan Eriksson, the course leader of our popular Digital Strategy Course, which you can now join online! We put Johan to the test by asking 5 questions to help you get a sneak peek of our Digital Strategy Course Online. 
Need predictions about the future?

Need predictions about the future? | Changes of Tomorrow

The handshake will fade out as a greeting form. Some epidemiologists wish this to be the case because this is exactly how pandemics happen. 

36hrs in the life of a CX Strategist

My name is Sophia Rehioui, I’m one of 2 co-founders of Stockholm Strategic Laboratories. A data- and human-centric design laboratory where we gather all kinds of data in the mission of gaining a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Where they are, how they interact, when and why. Our hearts are in research and analysis and our mission is to be the home of disruptive strategies. 

Alumni stories – SoLucy

At Hyper Island, we couldn’t be more proud of the achievements of our students and alumni. In some cases, the business idea arises very early on in the Hyper Island journey. And this is exactly what happened in the case of the two founders of SoLucy. 

Alumni Stories – Playfessional

Are you of the age where mobile phones and the Internet weren’t as prominent in your childhood? Do you remember how you used to pass the time without looking down and scrolling?

What qualifies as essential? Golf courses? Liquor stores? | Changes of Tomorrow

If we had asked you just 30 days ago, what was essential in your life, chances are we would have gotten very different answers.

How I completed my Hyper Island application in less than 24 hours

Thinking now of applying to Hyper Island or having had a good idea laying on the shelf for the last months? Great, then I am here to help you!

A True Reality Check 🌎 | Changes of Tomorrow

This is happening. Right now. We get to talk, analyze, predict, and forecast its impact, but the full consequences of the coronavirus pandemic won’t be known for months—even years.

AI Business Consultant Program: An Entrance into the Exciting World of AI

It goes without saying that these are exciting times for innovation in business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic getting warmer by each and every breakthrough. And as time passes and technology develops, we’re seeing the emergence of AI courses (not requiring years of study), that are catering for complete beginners through to the advanced AI professional.

How to be a Successful Facilitator (Tips and Tricks from Experts at Hyper Island)

Here, tools are introduced as a process and there are rarely right or wrong answers. We focus on strategic facilitation for better meetings and workshops and for us, successful facilitation means that discussions are led by participants through collaboration.
Why 2020 is Future we'd never imagined

Why 2020 is the future we’d never imagined | Changes of Tomorrow

Even though 2020 is not at all a flying car realization, in many other ways, 2020 matches or exceeds our wildest science fiction scenarios.

36hrs in the life of an Account Director

Moi moi! I am Nina Enroth, lovable, curious and down to earth kind of people-person. I work as an account director and change consultant at Ellun Kanat in Helsinki, Finland. Ellun Kanat’s vision is to be our clients’ best partner in change. We are an agency full of super sharp and curious people.

Trust is on the rise! | Changes of Tomorrow

We’ve noticed that the concept of trust is at the center of many of the discussions today impacting the future. And that’s why we want to make this special issue all about trust and how it might be changing.

This post won’t change your mind | Changes of Tomorrow

You know what’s coming. You are an expert in your field. And you have the future of your business under control. But for those of us who’re still in wonder by Facebook’s magical ability to attract people, by Tesla’s unprecedented success, or by Samsung’s Neon Humans; this email might confirm something important: A possible future is created every minute of every day.

The Benefits of Applying a Growth Mindset to Your Learning Development

Adopting a growth mindset can be a valuable resource of support in your learning journey to become aware of your default (often fixed and unconscious patterns).

This will be the decade of health tech | Changes of Tomorrow

Predictions are hard. Mainly because nobody knows, with certainty, the topics and trends that will dominate the next 10 years of our lives.

Hyper Island expands school offering into AI

Hyper Island continues to grow its Sweden vocational school offering by adding a program specialized in AI Business Consulting.

Meet the Hyper Island Industry Leaders: Joe Macleod

Onboarding is vital for creating first impressions. But offboarding is often overlooked. Joe Macleod sees it as opportunity for bringing reflection, responsibility, and increased business. As an industry leader, he focuses on clean and considered endings of product relationships that can be a competitive differentiator. His knowledge and workshops around endings in the consumer lifecycle also put life after graduation into perspective for our Hyper Island students.

Your guide for a better tomorrow | Changes of Tomorrow

Yes, it’s been quite the year. 2019 has given us lots of memorable moments. Lots of things have changed and some… well, some didn’t seem to change much.

Hyper Island Sessions – Reconnecting Alumni

Leaving your education behind doesn’t mean the end of the road for your learning journey. Digital Producer, Frida Hedqvist and Digital Creative, Adrien Pons are part of Hyper Island’s ever-growing alumni and recently hosted the new concept’s session on ‘workflowness’ in a bid to reconnect former students and share reflections. Here, we discover what Hyper Island Sessions is all about, what exactly ‘workflowness means’ and the value brings to alumni.

How Hyper Island Students Use Business Improvisation and Behavioural Science to help people work better together.

Following on from our interview with the Master’s students (soon to be alumni!), silent&sober, we caught up with their fellow peer Hanne Gerhards. Hanne has set up HEJ; a mission-driven facilitation company built on improvisation techniques and behavioural science methods.

How Hyper Island Alumni Are Empowering Companies With Brand Purpose

Full-Time Master’s Students from Manchester have submitted their Industry Research Projects (equivalent of a Master's Thesis) this week. We thought we would check in with some of them to talk through their journey and what’s to come next!

You’ll change your mind about tomorrow, today | Changes of Tomorrow

We can all change our minds, especially when it comes to something as uncertain as our future. We see it happening almost every week.