Hyper Island in Sweden

Virkesvägen 2
120 30 Stockholm
+46 8 744 30 50

Bastionsgatan 8
371 32 Karlskrona
adc视频在线观看 +46 455 30 77 77


Sweden is the birthplace of Hyper Island

For more than 20 years, we have immersed future talents and industry professionals in transformative learning experiences to help them to adapt to rapidly changing times. At our offices and campuses in Stockholm and Karlskrona, we offer full-time programs and master’s degrees, online and on-site courses, short courses in Stockholm, and business solutions. Regardless of the learning experience, all our participants experience how to anticipate and adapt today to the changes of tomorrow.

Business transformation

Accelerate your business transformation

adc视频在线观看We know from experience that successful digital transformation is not simply a question of investing in the new software and job titles. Culture defeats strategy every time. Recognizing this will seal your leadership in a digital world.

Learn more about how Hyper Island can help assess your organization’s needs and create a world-class learning program to drive real business progress. Or find a courseadc视频在线观看 to level up your team’s skills.