The Hyper Island Master's Experience

Career-focused curriculum

The Master’s Degree programs at Hyper Island aim to enhance your understanding of current and emerging trends and will push you to develop and sharpen your skills, understanding, and knowledge of what it takes to be a world-class digital leader in a connected world.

Real-world projects

adc视频在线观看At Hyper Island you’ll learn by solving real brief from real clients, or from your own business. Emphasis is put on getting your hands dirty and trying things out rather than sitting back and listening. For you, this means you’ll get to practice using tools and methods you can immediately bring back to work.

Developed with the industry

All programs at Hyper Island are designed and delivered in partnership with industry professionals. This ensures that the skills and experience you’ll get are what you need to succeed today and tomorrow.

A diverse set of participants

adc视频在线观看You’ll learn together with other working professionals, entrepreneurs or career shifters who want to reinvent themselves, stretch their thinking and master the world of digital. From up and coming creatives and managers and to seasoned leaders currently in positions like Founder, CEO or Head of Department.

Our alumni thrive

The students coming through our doors start companies, manage business functions and are capable of functioning in diverse teams at top companies across the globe.

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Ever wondered what happens on Hyper Island's programs? Hear from students past and present about their experience.